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Complimentary “handy” smartphone available in all guest rooms

While we have already introduced automatic currency exchange machines and foreign currency payments for our foreign guests,  we are working to further expand our serviceswith the introduction of the complimentary “handy” smartphonein all guest rooms starting Tuesday, November28, 2017.
“handy” is a new service from Hong Kongthat lets hotel guests borrow smartphones free of charge.  With  free domestic and international calls to six countries (unlimited), internet connection (unlimited), and tools that let guests find destination information,  this service is expanding rapidly and has already been introduced in hotels and hotel chains across 17 countries worldwide,  starting in Japan in July of this year.   

At Hotel New Otani Hakata, “handy” is used not only to provide information about our hotel, but to help with our guests’ travels and to provide emergency information in the event of an earthquake or other disasters.  


Freedomestic and international calls to six countries

Free, unlimited calling within Japan and to six countries worldwide (*).  This includes calls between rooms as well.  
 China,  Taiwan,  Hong Kong,  Korea,  Thailand, the  US

Unlimited internet use

This lets guests use internet not only within the guest room, but when they are out and about as well. 
Enjoy movies and more without worrying about data limits.  

Check the Fukuoka City Guide at any time

See Fukuoka sightseeing spots,  dining,  souvenirs,  and other information useful for your travels.

Unlimited app use

Download all the Android apps you like, including social network services such as Facebookand Instagram.

Complete deletion of data after check-out

Personal information including browser history will be completely deleted when you check out.  Use this service with peace of mind.  


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