Café&Restaurant Green House

Café&Restaurant Green House


Grilled bacon carbonara spaghetti

Tomato sauce spaghetti with mozzarella cheese

Spicy cod roe peperoncino spaghetti

Raw sea urchin spaghetti

Beef steak pilaf

Chicken omelette rice by Green House

Singapore-style nasi goreng

Eggs benedict

American clubhouse sandwich

Shrimp cutlet sandwich

Mixed sandwich

Pizza  Capricciosa

French toast

Seafood salad  Served with brown rice and poached eggs

Hotel specialty warm consommé vegetables

French fries and onion rings

Onion gratin soup

Avocado and tomato salad

Domestic beef hamburg steak

Premium steak tenderloin steak

Itoshima pork sauteed in garlic soy sauce

Fish of the day

Kids Plate

Caramel pudding parfait

Seasonal fruit platter

Special cakes created by the pastry chef

Cake set

※Consumption tax and service charges will be added to all listed prices.

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