We have also started Chinese TV broadcasts and automatic currency exchange machine services

We have begun broadcasting the Chinese language TV channel “CCTV Daifu” and have started currency exchange service using automatic machines in the 1st floor lobby.
“CCTV Daifu” is a Chinese TV channel, that broadcasts programs from the Chinese TV station “China Central Television (CCTV)”, known as the CNN of Asia, 24 hours a day in real time. With the start of the “CCTV Daifu” broadcast to the English-language “BBC World News” and Korean-language “KBS World”, guests may now view television in three languages free of charge in all guest rooms.

The automatic currency exchange machine is in the 1st floor lobby. Just insert bills for eight different currencies (US dollar, Euro, Chinese yuan, Korean won, Thai baht, Singapore dollar, Taiwan dollar, Hong Kong dollar) into the slot, and the machine will automatically verify the currency and exchange it for Japanese yen; service available 24 hours per day.