Morning Buffet

Location Café&restaurant Green House / 1F
Price [ Adult ] 3,500yen
[ Elementary school children ] 2,000yen
[ Children ] 1,000yen
Breakfast hours 6:30a.m.~10:00a.m.

※The displayed price includes consumption tax and service charge.


・Omelet (plain, cheese, mentaiko, Hakata all-purpose green onion, mix)
・Petite croissant
*We will serve freshly prepared food at the cooking corner, so it may take some time.

・Various fresh salads/Fresh fruits
・Yogurt/Fruit cocktail

・Scrambled eggs/Fried eggs
・Fried potatoes/Hashed potatoes/Soup of the day
・Pork sausage/Chicken sausage/Grilled bacon/Crispy bacon
・Warm vegetables/Dim sum/Roasted pork with mustard/Minched  chicken curry

・Steamed rice/Miso soup/Japanese pickles/Seaweed/Natto
・Mackerel pickled in soy sauce/Grilled fish/Satsumaage/Chikuzenni/Various Japanese side dishes

・Cheese croissant/butter roll/various danishes/toast and more
・Classic pancakes/3 types of maple syrup
・Coffee/tea/milk/soy milk
・Fruit juice/Kyusai green juice/Apple vinegar

Japanese breakfast

Japanese Cuisine Senbazuru Japanese Dining

We are proud to serve a breakfast made from carefully selected produce, spicy cod roe and okyuto from Hakata, and a healthy vinegar from a shop the city of Okawa boasting 300 years of history.
We are committed to using safe, reliable produce and specialties unique to Kyushu.

Location Japanese restaurant - Senbazuru / 14F
Price [ Per person ]
Breakfast hours [ Breakfast ] 7:00a.m.~10:00a.m.

※The displayed price includes consumption tax and service charge.

・Rice or original grain porridge
・Simmered vegetables from Kyushu/braised hijiki/dried daikon radish
・Hakata game stew
・Seasonal creative tofu
・Grilled fish
・Dashi rolled egg/Grilled mentaiko/Hakata Okiuto
・miso soup
・pickled vegetables/tsukudani/pickled plums
・Fruit jelly
・A bite of vinegar juice

*Grilled seaweed is included for those who choose white rice.



Our miso is additive-free and made from top-ranking Fukuyutaka soybeans from Kyushu, with low sodium content at 2%.


We make our broth from high-grade Makurazaki bonito flakes from Kagoshima and natural Rausu kelp from Hokkaido.


Grains are large with a soft, chewy texture. We use Sagabiyori from Saga Prefecture, a rice with distinct sweetness and fragrance.